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We helped prepare and execute the complete transition from a standard farming operation (grower company) to Panorganix 2.0, which became a technology company with a fully digitised farm of its own, using Big Data mining, machine learning and AI to fully automate all key processes on a farm. The vision was to make local farming accessible to everyone and build a timeless community of customers, partners and investors for a future of healthy food and smart production.

KraftPal Technologies

We assist in R&D, implementation and after sales service of the fully automated mass production line (Palletonator) used by KraftPal licensees to manufacture corrugated pallets. The modular pallet manufacturing process can be fully customized and tailored to the customer's needs. At the same time, we worked on the implementation of Big Data Mining, machine learning and AI to fully automate all key processes in the company - from sales to the ordering process to the production processes.

Stack overmolded - Mercedes-Benz

We constructed and developed concept of molds and production technology for overmolded part for high demanded automotive industry.


We build digital business automation systems for online marketing. From personal website and blog, online appointment scheduling system, complex sales funnels system, business back office app, product Navigator app, set of landing pages, drip campaign systems, payment automations etc. In general a set of tools you need to run paid or unpaid marketing campaigns which will be supported with machine learning and AI in 2021.