Products and Moulds

Product Development

Development process is carried out based on our customers’ requirements: According to the principles of concurrent engineering we get involved in our customer's development processes in the very early stage –to ensure optimal product definition in terms of product functionality, cost-efficiency and effective, high quality production.

State of the Art Methodology

Our development process employs only the most up to date software application supported design methods: DFMEA, DOE, CAX, CAD, Mould flow.

Measurement laboratory

We use certified advanced control and measurement equipment and PC DMIS metrology software to provide relevant results: Hexagon Sheffield explorer, Hexagon Optiv 443, etc.

Prototype Production

We offer rapid prototyping and 3D printing services.

Tool Development

Using the latest technology, continuous development of our expertise, access to the latest research and consideration of our own and partners’ manufacturing capacities, we provide ongoing consulting services until optimal technological solution is provided:

Plastic parts production

Is our main production activity where we are partner with numerous companies in the automotive, electrical, telecommunication and furniture industries, as well as the hand tool, packaging products, funeral and cemetery equipment industries.

Our machines are capable of plastic injection moulding even the most technical complex products.